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This is not a secret anymore. We have been able to achieve some of the best staking rewards.


How to Stake

Step 1. Get SendWallet

Download and install SendWallet, an open source Pocket Wallet to setup wallet(s).

Step 2. Tap “Stake” button

After setting up a Sendwallet address, press “stake” button found below the balance on the dashboard.

Step 3. Enter amount & confirm

You are taken to the staking module where you can enter the amount you want to stake, and confirm to start earning rewards.

Salient Features

Pooling Solution

Pooling Solution

It waits for a minimum Node Staking amount to be filled in. Minimum individual staking amount is 1000 POKT.

Weekly Rewards Distribution

Daily Rewards Distribution

Rewards are distributed each day to the SendWallet of the users. Enable compounding and rewards are automatically staked.

Easy Stake / Unstake

Easy Stake / Unstake

From within the SendWallet, a user can easily stake or unstake his POKT, using a SINGLE button.

Easy Stake / Unstake


High node performance, running on dedicated, powerful servers. Our team constantly monitors performance to maximize net rewards and APY.

Customer Focus

Customer Focus

First in class with product and customer support. Trustless and secure staking solution, all events are sent as on-chain transactions.

Protected by Coincover

Protected by Coincover

We are one of the few node service providers that offer an insurance backed guarantee with theft cover and theft protection.

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